Why You Should Consider Commercial Epoxy Flooring

If you're planning to move your operations into an old office building once you renovate it, you're probably making many decisions on what type of improvements to make. One of those choices could be new flooring. An option to consider is commercial epoxy flooring. This is applied directly on top of the concrete floor, and it makes the floor more durable and resistant to water damage and stains. Here are some benefits of choosing epoxy flooring for your office building.

Epoxy Flooring Doesn't Take Much Time to Clean

If you pay a cleaning service to keep your building in clean condition, you won't have to pay extra for floor care like you might have to do periodically if you have commercial carpet that gets dirty or concrete that needs to be polished. All epoxy flooring needs is to be mopped and swept regularly. It stays shiny without the need for polishing.

Epoxy Flooring Is Sanitary

Germs travel fast in the workplace, and thorough cleaning is the first line of defense against the colds and flu. Epoxy flooring is easy to keep sanitary. This type of flooring is used in hospitals, so that's a good indication it can be kept clean and sanitary. The epoxy forms a continuous seal over the concrete floor with no seams that can trap germs. Plus, epoxy can tolerate strong cleaning solutions the service might need to use to sanitize the floor. Since it's easy to clean and doesn't have seams or fibers to trap germs, dirt, and allergens, an epoxy floor is a good choice to have in the workplace where people spread germs around.

Epoxy Brightens the Work Area

Epoxy is a result of a chemical reaction between two substances. When these materials are mixed, epoxy is created and it gets hard quickly so the flooring has to be applied fast. The result is a hard layer of protection on the floor that is also shiny and reflective. The reflective nature of epoxy brightens the work area to dispel dark and gloomy places in meeting rooms and offices. This makes the work area seem brighter, larger, and more cheerful.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Is Durable

This flooring is used in warehouses and industrial buildings, so it's able to stand up to the wear and tear of an office building. The flooring protects the concrete underneath it by absorbing the wear and tear. Epoxy flooring is waterproof and stands up to years of foot traffic. It's the perfect flooring for commercial buildings that get heavy foot traffic, but it's suitable for buildings like schools, medical clinics, retail stores, and office buildings when you want durable flooring that looks beautiful.

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