Run A Service-Based Business In A Mall? 3 Ways To Utilize Painting Service

Operating a business in a mall is a lot different than doing it in a standalone building where you need to attract people to your business before they can see through the windows. Your location comes with the advantage of being able to attract people from the way your business looks.

If you notice that you do not get many customers except those who originally planned on visiting your service-based business when visiting the mall, you should consider painting the interior.

Nearby Businesses

An important detail to consider is what all the nearby businesses look like regarding color schemes. Ideally, you may want to do everything that you can to avoid blending in with the other businesses to a point in which people may walk by without noticing your business at all.

Choosing colors that contrast with your neighboring stores is an excellent idea that will likely yield positive results because it will get more people to look at your business. While some mall-goers will not be interested in the services you provide at the time, they may take a mental note of your business and keep it in mind for the next time that they need what you provide.

Company Colors

While looking at neighboring shops is helpful, you may also want to think about your company colors to determine what colors to use when painting the trim and walls. If you want to build your logo and branding so that you can expand your business in the future, you should not hesitate to pick company colors as this will help you get closer to accomplishing your goal.

The great thing about fitting in company colors is that you may be able to combine it with standing out from nearby shops when you prioritize bold and bright colors from your logo.


If you know that the walls throughout the shop are going to pick up dirt and grime on a regular basis, you may not want to spend a ton of time cleaning while also worrying about whether your shop is looking clean at all times. A darker color scheme is an excellent way to avoid this problem because most dirt and grime will not show up on dark colors as much as it does on light colors.

When you want to improve your business in a mall, you should utilize commercial painting services that can help in a few ways.

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