Ways To Keep Painters Safe While On The Job

While commercial painting may not be a profession you usually think of when thinking about dangerous careers, there are still plenty of ways a painter can be injured on the job. The tips offered in this article will give you the information you need in order to cut down on the chances of a painter being hurt while they are on the job.

Keep dogs and children away from the site

Dogs and children can create some very dangerous situations when they are allowed on the job site while people, such as the painters, are up on ladders or scaffolding. Not to mention, the dog or child will also be at risk of being injured as well. When the painters are painting areas that are higher off the ground, they may need to be on a ladder or scaffolding which can then get run into or have something knocked over that can then cause the painter to lose their balance and fall.  

Keep the work area clean

A common type of injury that often happens on construction sites, including painting job sites, are slip and fall injuries. The best way to avoid this type of injury from happening is to keep the entire area the painters will be working in clean. Not only will keeping the area clean prevent tripping hazards that can injure a painter, but keeping the area clean can also decrease the chances that the painter will slip on something that has caused a slippery spot, such as grease that has leaked out of something or even water. Painters already have to watch out for the paint, but they will be preprogrammed to watch for those obvious spots and will know where they are more prevalent.

Make sure safety goggles are available

If you are the boss on a job site and you're going to have your painters there, then you may want to make sure you have extra pairs of safety goggles that they can wear to avoid eye injuries. While the painters should have their own, you won't want to risk them being harmed because they forgot to bring theirs to the job site. Since safety goggles are cheap and small, it won't cause you any grief to make sure you always have a few pairs in your work truck that you can hand out. This way, you'll also be able to cover your painter if their goggles break while on the job.

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