2 Tips For Maintaining Your Paint While Painting Your Home's Interior

After determining that your home's interior needs a facelift, you may have decided that a couple of coats of paint on the walls and ceiling will clean up and brighten up your rooms. However, you may have some doubts as to how to keep the paint color even as well as smooth while you are applying it.

1.  Modify the Paint Stirrer by Drilling Holes in the Wood

When you buy paint, most hardware and home improvement stores give you flat, wooden sticks with which to stir it. While these stirrers do help mix up the paint, their flat surfaces do not allow the paint to go through them as you use them. This lack of free flow for the paint could result in areas that are not completely mixed.

Before you open the paint can, drill a few holes into the wood down the center of the stirrer. When you use the stirrer, the paint will flow evenly through the wood, allowing for proper mixing. This will help to ensure that the paint's color is even throughout the paint to help prevent streaks on your walls that are either darker or lighter than the rest.

2.  Put Your Brushes and Rollers in the Refrigerator Between Uses

One thing that you may dread about painting the rooms in your home is the cleanup. You may believe, after every painting session, that you have to clean the brushes and rollers. However, doing so could result in caked-on paint that causes bumps on your walls when it combines with the fresh paint you start with for the day.

Instead of cleaning out the brushes and rollers, simply wrap them in plastic wrap, and place them in your refrigerator. The cold will help keep the paint from drying out, preventing clumping and keeping you from having to take time to clean them each day. 

When you are ready to use the tools again, all you have to do is remove them from the refrigerator. Then, lay them out for a few minutes to warm up, remove the plastic wrap, and resume painting.

Ensuring that your paint is properly maintained while painting your home's interior can help ensure a more even color and texture during application. However, if you are having issues with getting the desired result, or if you feel as though you are in over your head with the job, consider contacting a residential painting company to discuss your options for having them do the job for you.

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