Are You Having Your Children's Rooms Painted?

Was your original plan to have every single room in your house repainted? Maybe your goal has been achieved. If so, you must be enjoying the beautiful new paint jobs you wanted. However, maybe only the living areas and your master bedroom and bathroom are the only rooms that have been painted. Does that mean the kids' rooms are all that's left to paint?

Maybe you thought of painting the kids' rooms yourself. Did that turn out to be a bigger job than you thought it would be? If so, think of hiring the same residential painting service that you used for the other rooms in your house. Read on for some ideas that might help. 

Think Of Going With A Theme 

As you choose the wall treatment for your children's bedrooms, consider going with a theme that your children will love.

For instance, do you have a little boy who absolutely loves anything to do with boats? If so, think of choosing red, white, and blue for the bedroom paint. Choose white for the basic paint color, and then add horizontal red and blue stripes around the top of the room and around the middle of the room.

Another idea for a boat-themed room is to have a mural on one of the walls. A mural that depicts children playing with sailboats at a pond would be perfect.

Maybe you have a little girl that loves anything to do with horses. The trick is not to let the room take on a masculine look. Go with very light beige for the base color and then choose brighter colors for horse-themed accents. For instance, turquoise and peach for hand-painted horse stencils to go around the top of the room would be very nice. 

Your daughter might also love a mural in her room. Think of getting a wall mural that depicts ponies in a pretty field of flowers. A cartoon pony mural is another good choice.

If your children have their own bathrooms, choose wall paint that will complement the colors you selected for their bedrooms. However, go with a different hue of those colors, just to add interest to the decor. For example, if you went with bright peach and bright turquoise in your little girl's horse stencils, choose pale peach and pale turquoise for her bathroom paint.

The residential painting service will help you to select the right kind of paint for your children's rooms. For instance, a paint that is very durable and that also washes well will probably be recommended. The painting service will have plenty of paint colors, stencils, and murals from which you can make your selections. 

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