Five Preparation Tips For Painting Your Building

A new exterior paint job every few years ensures that your commercial building is attractive to customers. It also shows that you value your business and take pride in how it looks. If your building is due for a paint job, the following tips can help you prepare.

1. Remove Signage

It's a bad idea to try and paint around the signs and other components attached to your building walls. Not only is there a chance for paint damage to these signs, but there can also be unsightly patches of old paint that show in the event that you must replace the signs before your next paint job. Have your signs taken down before the paint crew arrives. This would be a good time to deep clean and repair any damages to the signs, as well.

2. Clean the Exterior

Paint adheres best to a clean exterior. Failure to fully clean your building's walls can lead to a patchy-looking paint job or unsightly streaks. Pressure washing is the method of choice for most siding materials. The high-pressure water removes grime, pollution, algae stains, bird droppings, and any other residue that could impact the paint job. Deep scrubbing and cleansers may be necessary to remove some residue, such as graffiti.

3. Perform Necessary Patchwork

Most exterior walls have some sort of damage. Stucco and concrete walls may have chips and cracks, wood or vinyl siding may be cracked, or masonry walls may have failing mortar. No matter the material or the type of damage, you need to have it repaired before you paint. Not only will a repair prevent further damages, but it also ensures that your paint adheres evenly and looks nice. Often, new paint will highlight existing damage rather than cover it up.

4. Choose the Right Paint

Choosing the right paint goes beyond selecting a color. You need to make sure the paint you choose also protects your building from common issues. If sun fading is an issue, for example, you can select a paint that has a UV-resistant formula. For areas prone to dust and grime, a high gloss finish is easier to clean. When graffiti is a problem, opt for a graffiti-resistant paint that doesn't allow spray paint to adhere to it easily.

5. Create a Traffic Plan

Finally, make a plan for the actual days of painting. Will you close down the building and parking lot for painting, or do you plan to only have the work done outside of normal business hours? If your building will remain open, you may need to schedule the work over several days so you can close off sections of the exterior and parking lot while still allowing clients and staff to come and go easily.

Contact a commercial painting contractor for more help.

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