Fresh Greens: Why You Should Consider Herbal Shades Of Green Paint For Interior Remodeling

If you have been searching online or looking through magazines to get ideas for a home remodeling project, you are probably seeing a lot of green. Wildly popular due to their nature-inspired hues and calming effect, herbal shades of green are becoming more common. Bringing green into your home will help you create an interior where every day feels like time spent at a relaxing retreat.

Calming, but colorful

If you want to add a little color to your interior walls without sacrificing a calming effect, herbal greens will not disappoint. Herbal greens are subtle enough to maintain a serene atmosphere but still add just enough color to brighten up the room. Paint walls in a sage green color and transform the room into a refreshing sanctuary.

Complement neutrals

If you still enjoy the popular neutral theme for interior design, herbal shades of green are a perfect partner for the gray, beige, and off-white colors popular in neutral homes. Use thyme, sage, or rosemary green for walls, and choose furniture in beige or off-white. Finish the look by adding a few gray accent pieces, such as lamps, picture frames, etc.

Perfect for nature lovers

If you enjoy the great outdoors, herbal shades of green are a perfect match for bringing a touch of the outdoors inside. Earthy and warm, these subtle hues will be a good fit for a home that is reminiscent of a rustic mountain cabin but will also work just as well in a coastal-inspired home. Use furniture with a lot of wooden accents to complete the natural look.

Perfect for any room

The best part of herbal greens is the fact that they are a great fit for any room. Perfect for a garden-themed kitchen, they will match tea, vegetable, or fruit decorative pieces well. Want to add inspiration to the home office? Herbal greens will inspire creativity and productivity with their soothing, yet energizing appearance. Want to create a serene scene in the bedroom or baby's nursery? Herbal greens are up to the task. Refresh a family room, living room, or home gym with the fresh green hues to give the room a spring and summer look all year long.  

Inspired by nature, green paint in colors that resemble herbs, such as rosemary, sage, and thyme is popular in home interior design today. Introducing these subtle, yet refreshing shades of green into your home will be a decision you will not regret. These serene greens are sure to make your home come alive with new energy and are a refreshing change from a neutral palette.

For more ideas, contact an interior remodeling service. 

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