Four Causes Of Peeling Paint On Interior Walls (And What To Do About It)

Is your interior wall paint peeling a few months after a paint job? Peeling paint can affect interior aesthetics and make your home feel old and dated. If your paint job is fairly new, something must have gone wrong during the application. It's crucial to rectify this mistake during the next paint job to achieve a durable and appealing finish. With this in mind, here are four causes of peeling paint on interior walls and what you can do to prevent the problem. 

Poor Surface Preparation

If there is dirt, debris, old paint, or a hole on the walls, the paint won't adhere correctly. After application, the dirt, debris, and bumps will cause the paint to flake and peel. Also, the final finish will not be smooth. Therefore, you should properly prepare the surfaces before undertaking a paint job. Remove old paint on the wall and fill small holes using a filler. Clean the walls using water and soap to remove dust and grime and allow the paint to adhere correctly.

Improper Product Combinations

A proper paint job requires surface primer and paint. These products come in two main types based on the liquid component that evaporates as the paint dries: oil-based and latex products. Oil-based paints use an organic solvent, while latex or water-based paints use acrylic resin. Oil and latex expand and contract at different rates. Therefore, they don't work well together.

If you apply an oil-based paint over latex primer, the paint may peel after a short while. Also, if you use latex paint over old oil-based paint, the new product will flake. Therefore, match the products to achieve longer-lasting results. If you opt for oil-based paint, use an oil-based primer to ensure proper adherence to the surface.

High Indoor Humidity

High humidity causes moisture to penetrate between the paint layer and the surface underneath. The moisture degrades the paint, causing it to bubble and crack. Consequently, the cracks allow more water to infiltrate the paint, leading to further deterioration. When painting rooms with high humidity, such as bathrooms and kitchens, opt for a water-resistant paint. Acrylic paint is a great choice because it becomes water-resistant when dry. You can improve its waterproofing properties by applying a sealant over the top coat.

Improper Timing of the Project

The ambient temperature during paint application can affect the final product. Hot weather causes the paint to dry too fast, resulting in weaker bonds. Therefore, schedule your painting project for cooler weather and when the air is less humid. 

Note the above issues to avoid peeling paint on your interior walls. Contact a local painting company, such as Negrini Painting, to learn more. 

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