Hire An Exterior Painter To Paint These Things

Many people hire experienced exterior painters to paint their residences, as this project is challenging and time-consuming for the average homeowner to tackle by themselves. While you might be interested in having a professional give your home a fresh, new look, it's worth thinking about what other painting tasks this person can work on when you hire them. If you have a few things around your yard that could use a facelift, have your painter give you a quote to paint them, too. Here are some additional things to consider painting.

Garden Shed

Over time, a garden shed's exterior can fade in color. While your shed might not be an eyesore at this moment, there's a good chance that it will stand out for the wrong reasons once you have your house painted. This is a good time to think about having your painting contractor paint your shed for you. They can discuss some appealing color options that can work well. You might simply want some new coats of the current color, but it might be time to go in a different direction, too. For example, if your painter is painting your home a new shade, you might want the garden shed painted to match.


A painted fence around a residential property can have a clean, crisp look, but the paint can begin to fade and even flake away over time. If your fence is no longer augmenting the look of your yard in the way that you want, talk to a local painting contractor about repainting it. As with painting a garden shed, you can choose fresh coats of the same color or go with something different to create a change. The fence is one of the first things that people see when they visit your property, so you want it to look its best.


Another project that you may want to discuss with your exterior painting professional is painting your deck. Whether you have a new deck that you need to finish or you have an older deck that could use a facelift, painting it can be the answer. Painting your deck protects the wood from moisture, which can prolong its life. Your contractor can paint the posts, surface, and railings. If there's a pergola overhead, you might want to have the contractor paint it, too. Discuss these and other exterior painting projects by contacting a local exterior painting service.

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