Tips for Maintaining Your Floor Sealer Coating Paint Job

Sealing your floor with a floor sealer coating paint is a great way to protect it from wear and tear. However, like all other paint jobs, you'll need to put in some effort to maintain it.

Here are a few tips on how you can keep your floor sealer coating paint job lasting longer.

Don't Use Floor Mats or Rugs with a Rubber Backing

Although floor mats and rugs can help protect your floor, using ones with rubber backing can actually damage the floor sealer coating. The rubber can act as an abrasive, causing the floor sealer to deteriorate.

The floor sealer paint job is meant to achieve a smooth, continuous surface. When you place a floor mat or rug over it, the rubber backing can cause the floor sealer to become uneven, which will then lead to chipping and flaking. Also, the rubber surface will likely bond with the floor sealer, which brings in the potential for peeling if the rug or mat is ever removed.

To avoid damaging your floor sealer coating, only use floor mats and rugs that have a soft, non-abrasive backing like cotton or another natural fiber backing.

Avoid Dragging Furniture or Other Heavy Objects Across the Floor

Dragging furniture or other heavy objects across the floor can damage the floor sealer coating. The friction caused by dragging can cause the floor sealer to come off in patches or strips. This can leave your floor vulnerable to water damage and staining. Eventually, the chips and flakes become an eyesore, and the floor sealer might need to be redone completely.

Whenever possible, lift furniture or other heavy objects when moving them across the floor. If you must drag them, place a soft cloth or piece of cardboard between the floor and the object to reduce friction. You should also make sure that the furniture legs have floor protectors to avoid leaving scratches.

Don't Use Harsh Cleaning Products or Abrasives

Cleaning products that are too harsh or abrasive can also damage the floor sealer coating. Harsh chemicals can break down the floor sealer, eating away at the top layer and causing it to become weaker. Abrasive cleaners can also cause the floor sealer to become dull and scratched. They can also wear away at the floor sealer, making it more susceptible to damage.

To avoid damaging the floor sealer, use gentle, pH-neutral cleaners specifically designed for sealed floors. You should also avoid using any scrubbing pads or brushes with harsh bristles. A soft cloth or mop is all you need to clean your floor without damaging the sealer.

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