How To Choose Suitable Exterior Paint Colors For Your Commercial Building

Paint protects your commercial building from harmful elements such as UV rays and moisture. Additionally, it enhances the aesthetic appeal of a building and creates inviting impressions for customers. Thus, it is crucial to select the appropriate colors whether you want to paint your business facility for the first time after construction or repaint an old building.  

However, doing so can be challenging, given that several color options are available. Use the tips below to choose the best commercial exterior paint colors and protect your investment while meeting your business goals. 

Check Your Surroundings

As much as you may want your building to stand out, ensure that it's in harmony with your surroundings to avoid looking out of place. For example, if all the nearby buildings have neutral color schemes, choose similar schemes to avoid creating unnecessary attention.

Also, consider your environment. Generally, avoid bright colors if your facility is in a snowy or mountainous area. Instead, go for dark colors since they absorb and retain heat, thus reducing energy bills. Similarly, if your area gets bright sunshine all year round, go for light colors as they reflect the sun's rays, keeping the building cool. Avoiding dark colors in such places will also save you money since they fade quickly and require repainting frequently. 

Consider the Architecture of Your Building

Consider the architecture of your commercial facility when choosing a suitable paint color. You can play around with bolder colors, such as red, yellow, and orange if it's a modern building. 

Choose rich browns and neutral colors for a historical building to preserve its significance. However, for such buildings, you may have few commercial exterior paint color options, as you may be limited to those approved by the governing bodies.

Consider the Purpose of the Building

Colors have specific meanings, and you should be careful not to use those that don't suit your facility. For example, blue depicts relaxation and calmness, which makes it suitable for healthcare facilities. On the other hand, purple represents sophistication and luxury, making it a suitable commercial interior painting color for facilities that sell luxurious items. 

Consider the Size of Your Building

If your facility is large, use neutral colors for commercial building exterior paint to give it an approachable appearance. Neutral colors also blend well with the surroundings, thus preventing your building from looking out of place, especially if neighboring buildings are smaller. You can play around with brighter colors for smaller buildings without creating an overwhelming illusion.

Contact a local painting service, such as Protected Painting, to learn more. 

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