Tips For Having Your Store Painted

If you want your store to look fresh, clean, and well-decorated, then you may need to have the walls repainted. Luckily, there are professional painters who are used to painting the interiors of commercial buildings, such as stores. Hiring one of these companies is almost certainly easier than painting the place yourself. However, there are still a few tips you will want to follow throughout the process.

Get multiple quotes

Just as if you were having your home painted, you want to get multiple quotes before choosing a company to paint your store. Some companies may offer a better rate than others if they are located closer to your store, or if they are able to get better prices from their suppliers. When possible, have the companies come to give an in-person quote. This helps them quote more accurately than they are able to quote over the phone.

Move everything away from the walls

In a store, there tend to be a lot of items along the walls. You'll want to move these before the contractors arrive so they can get right to work. In most cases, you should be able to push everything toward the center of the room and just cover the items with some sheets or tarps. If the items are really breakable, however, you may want to move them to a different room or put them into storage.

Think through your color choice

The color that you choose for your walls will have a big impact on the overall appearance of your store. If you choose a very different color than you have currently, then you may need to buy different decor for the space. So, don't take your color choice lightly. Talk to a few employees, the painting contractor, and even a designer to get their opinions before choosing a color.

Close for a couple of days

You might think you can reopen as soon as the paint dries to the touch. However, paint usually takes a day or longer to fully dry to the extent that you'll want to put something against it. Plus, the paint will have an odor while it is drying, and you want to give this time to dissipate before allowing customers into the store again.

If you follow the tips above, you should have an easier time hiring pros to paint your store. Before long, your store will have a fresh, new look. 

Contact a local commercial painting contractor to learn more. 

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